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China Air Freight

Since knowing that China air freight plays an important role in clients’ business, we are always working on how to save air shipping cost for our customers whom from US, Canada, Russia, Australia, Singapore, Germany, Mexico..... Air cargos sent from HK, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Xiamen, Shanghai, Ningbo, Beijing, Chongqing airports to any port in the world can be transported on schedule with economic international air freight service.

As a China air freight marketing leader both in China and Hongkong, We office competitive air freight rates for all times and cost requiremetns. Our destination agents will offer consulting services about import at the same time. Such as our Americal agent provide local customs clearace, ISF, AMS, delivery services to our clients whom in U.S.A. It mean provide door to door China air freight services from China to US international air cargo services to our clients. One-stop service.

To choose international China air freight service by Goodhope Freigt to make your business more prosperous!

There more and more sellers using fulfillment by amazon (Amazon FBA) services, from 2017 our company provide international air freight rates from China to US/UK/Germany/France/Spain/Italy/Canada/Japan Amazon FBA services including import duty, international air freight rates. Small shipments,urgently amazon shipments are the best use our international air freight rates this shipping way. Our international air freight rates calculator depend on per kg, 1CBM=167KG.

International air freight services include:

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