International Freight shipping rates and local charges in China

freight shipping rates

The total international freight shipping rates for shipping containers consist of various components: a basic China sea freight, mandatory surcharges and extra services and other local charges in China.

Below you’ll find a short description of each of the main components, enabling you – if needed – to better understand the international freight shipping rates structure and even the breakdown on your invoice.

Freight shipping rates Quote

Ocean/Sea freight is the biggest shipping containers cost. Different shipping lines have different loading sea ports to different sea ports and the ocean freight are different and changes weekly. There are more or less the same book from different freight forwarder in Chinese marketing. This premise getting lower ocean freight than marketing are:

The mandatory surcharges from shipping company and seaport company

A mandatory "surcharge" constitutes a part of the freight shipping rates which are not covered by the basic ocean freight. Mandatory surcharges are established to cover cost items or services that are either pass-through charges (e.g. from terminals) or beyond the basic ocean transport services. These surcharges are applicable to every shipment.

Below you’ll find more information about the most frequent surcharges.

Freight shipping rates for Pick up charges

Pick up shipping container charges from inland China cities loading container and back to the sea port. The pick up charges in the former loading place is higher. If you pick up the goods by truck, the freight will be calculated at local rates.

Freight shipping rates - Customs clearance

Each containers need to pay one customs clearance fees, before there are some customs clearance fee in China:

All customs clearance fees depend on supplier who will provide customs clearance documents with export container China. If there are not this documents, it needs to buy export documents for customs clearance.