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In global freight forwarding marketing, doesn't have any freight forwarding companies, freight forwarder, shipping companies, air companies, express companies can work only by theirself! Our business is between one country to another country, from one sea port/airport to another sea port/airport. Our clients whom in China inquiry their goods other all over the world, want shipped to U.S.A, want shipped to Nigeria Africa, want shipped to UK Europe etc. It is impossible for our company open a new office in local in other countries. The cost very high for us. We don't know very well about local marketing, local law etc. And in another country not only need one office buy also need a lot of office. So the best choice for us is use local freight forwarder in the world

Goodhope company local in Shenzhen China, we are growing very fastly. To keep up with our business, we looking freight forwarder more and more local agents in the world, America, Canada, Italy, UK, Russia, etc. Goodhope company hope can use freight forwarder local services: customs clearance, warehouse, delivery etc, in order to provide our clients from China and your country door to door international logistics services. Handling our shipments very well in local!

Goodhope freight looking forward become the best your freight companies in China, handling your shipments from China, provide better sea freight, air freight, express freight, booking spacs,pick up, warehouse customs clearance, to your company. Growing more and more bigger together with your company!

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