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Insurance Agent For Container Shipping

insurance agent

Cargo Inserance AgentIn China

Moving cargo insurance is one of the important services in international forwarding. It is used to keep the shipment safe and complete. Goodhope Freight have favorable business relations with China Life and Ping An Insurance (Group) Company of China, LTD. Our cargo insurance agent all over the world will claim for customers immediately. And the cargo insurance rates is low for you.

We provide container shipping inserance services, before after continer depart from ports of China in 7 days you can confirm with us whether need to buy the inserance for your containers. As good inserance agent the rate of premium are the same as inserance company.

For the air cargo insurance, it want buy before the air cargo fly out of airport. Fragile items cost buy the insurance, the documents is "commercial invoice" or Airway bill. The cargo total cost USD 800 000, insurance agent cost for charge around cost USD500. When there have problem for the shipments, broken or lost insurance will pay you,inserance agent will contact with insurance company, provide the insurance policy for compensation.

When your cargo lost in destination, the destination local inserance agent will go to the port or warehouse take pictures, confirm the bill and check with shipping agent what caused. After inserance agent or inserance company confirm in 7 days they will pay the USD 800 000 or more to you.

Shipping company such China COSCO Shipping Corporation Limited they will buy the insurance for all containers and boat. But when then container drop in sea, they are not so such cost pay back to you. Shipping company pay back you depend on their confirm how much by their own system. This is by your need inserance agent buy for you also. let your business more safe.