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GoodHope Freight comes from a true story about the promontory of Portugal. In 1486, Portuguese navigator Bartolomeu Dias led an expedition team starting from Lisbon to look for a sea lane to the Orient "Golden Paradise". When they sailed to waters that at the junction of Atlantic Ocean and Indian Ocean, winds came up and the sea became stormy which almost destroyed the whole team. Fortunately, a big wave pushed the only survived ship to an unnamed headland. That’s why the expedition team could exist and be kept. On the return voyage, it was sunny at the Cape of Goodhopee while they sailed through once again. Barons, a Portuguese historian wrote when describing the exciting time: The crew stared at the magnificent headland hidden for centuries surprisingly. They not only found a towering promontory but also discovered a new world. “Dias filled with emotions named it “Cape of Storms” based on his experience. He believed that as long as they continued the voyage through another direction, India could be reached. However, the fleet was out of ammunition and had to return to Portugal. In November 1497, Da Gama, an explorer led a fleet who successfully sailed into Indian Ocean through Cape of Goodhopee and returned with large amount of gold and silk. King John S of Portugal renamed ‘Cape of Storms” to be “Cape of Goodhopee” to indicate that after bypassing the promontory, Goodhopee would come.

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