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Goodhope Freight Philosophy

goodhope philosohpy

Every company has its own mottos, so does GoodHope Logistic Limited. There are totally two for our company. One is written by Han Yu and the other is by Washington.

Employees in our corporation must remember the mottos to remind them to have positive attitude to jobs and keep trustworthy as well as accountable.

Achievements are reached by hard work rather than recreation. Actions are done after through consideration rather than casual decision.—Written by Han Yu.

Business can be done well through diligence but neglected in recreation; achievements can be reached through repeated thinking but destroyed by casual choices. From the ancient times to now, there are many people who enjoy good business but destroyed by their recreation and casual actions.

If we think with our smart mind, work with our diligent hands, have the positive attitude and keep persistent after years’ struggle, the sparkle of our lives and business will surely shine more brilliantly.

If you can’t do, don’t promise easily; Once promised, you must keep it. ----Written by Washington.

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