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Harbour Freight In China

harbour freight

In international shipping containers marketing, harbour freight and other charges are different from each countries. Chinese sea port are very important in the world. There are many buyer importing goods from china, but most of them doesn’t exactly know the details of harbour freight from China. Are harbour freight fixed? How much is each harbour freight? etc. Knowing clearly harbour freight in China, you will know the total cost for FOB China or EXW China, know which you need to pay, which you don’t need to pay, knowing clearly you business cost.

China harbour freight including as below:

Harbour Freight-Terminal Handling Charge. These charges use in loading and unloading containers when containers arrive at the sea port, charged by local sea port company, such as Yantain Shenzhen sea port belongs to Cheung Kong Property Holdings Limited” Mr.Li.

Harbour freight has two types: THC and ORC. THC:RMB760/20FT; RMB1150/40FT/40HC; DOC:RMB1100/20FT;RMB1850/40FT/40HC. Different shipping companies have different charges.

Harbour freight-port document charges, this Harbour freight charged by sea port company, but it will be charged direct from transport company. RMB60/20FT, RMB120/40FT.

Harbour freight-warehouse storage charges, THC has included 7 days warehouse storage charges, after 7 days sea port company will charge the container. About RMB200/days. But this price only use before 15days. The containers storage more days in the port, the fee for each days more.

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