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What’s low sea freight and high sea freight?

low sea freight

A lot of buyers want to control import cost, shipping cost is large part for import goods especially for small shipments or samples. Most of shipments the shipping cost is higher than goods value. How to control shipping cost, it is important job, less shipping cost for samples can win more business. Maybe you will thank about many ways how to get low shipping cost, you will search from Google and ask many China freight forwarder get services quotes. Which is lower you will use which China freight forwarder services.

About 2 CBM to 15 CBM cargo send by sea LCL from China is the cheapest shipping way. Do you believe each low sea freight quote is trust? Were you been doubt behind the low sea freight have other charges? There is one famous aphorism. There are not the lowest price in the marketing”. You cannot get the lowest sea freight. More and more Chinese freight forwarding companies do SEO in Google, some of them are not true companies. They quoted you lower sea freight than marketing, but won’t provide services to you. Lost money and goods.

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