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lufthansa airlines cargo tracking

China southern airlines cargo tracking,Services,baggage allowance

China southern airlines cargo services area including:

1.European regions: through Amsterdam, Frankfurt truck transport, China southern airlines cargo has served over 100 cities.
2.North American region: through the Chicago truck transport, China southern airlines cargo has served in North America, including 83 cities- Boston, New York, Houston, Toronto...
3.Chinese Mainland areas: Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen, and other important markets are truck flight charter transport.

China Southern Airlines cargo can ensure the operation of the class, hundreds of classes has been the implementation of interim charter. Charter routes in many countries around the world, especially in Southeast Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and the United States, there are a lot of traffic.

China southern airlines cargo baggage allowance:

1.China Southern airlines international air tickets in Asia normal is indeed 1 pieces of baggage, the weight is less than 23KG, Long+width+height more than 158CM. The L class is a fare class in the ordinary economy class it means that you can have 1 baggage.
2.Usually China Southern airlines fly inland China, there are any problem if more or less than 23KG, you can talk with China Southern airlines customer, but if you have more than 1 baggage it isn’t allow.
3.Except normal baggage,more than 1 baggage have more 450RMB charge, beyond two is 1300RMB..

China Southern airlines cargo tracking:

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