Iran International Freight Forwarder

Iran International Freight Forwarder

By this opportunity, Iran International Freight Forwarderwould like to introduce our company namely ’Arvan Taradod International Transportation Company Ltd , that is one of the leading Iran International Freight Forwarder providers in the Middle East region, combining high quality services with competitive costs, as following:

Iran International Freight Forwarder by regular weekly services from Bandar Abbas, Iran, to Persian Gulf region, Indian ports, Far East, European, Canadian, vice versa, is in a reliable position to provide your esteemed co with the most competitive and first class marine transportation service.

We are international transportation companies which have a strategic position for transportation and transit of goods via Iran.

Also our company has different offices in all important cities& borders & ports of Iran such as Bandar Abbas and having experienced staffs in our private agencies. We are offering goods transportation services by Truck and rail and Combined carriage to/from and via(BANDAR ABBAS ) Iran to Afghanistan, CIS, Caucasia Republics, Russia, Turkey, Pakistan or any other point in the world and vice versa.

We offer a great range of services, covers the CIS, and Middle East countries. Our covered areas in details are as below:

Iran International Freight Forwarder-Ocean

From all registered sea ports to Iran main sea ports and vice versa, for 20F, 40F, high cube, reefer, open top, open side, flat rack container and also break bulk cargoes in any size.

Iran International Freight Forwarder-Overland (truck)

From Bandar-Abbas to all CIS countries, including Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Armenia, all European countries and vice versa for containers and covered truck and also reefer containers.

Iran International Freight Forwarder-Rail shipment

From Bandar Abbas, Astrakhan and Sarakhs to all stations of CIS countries and vice versa, via providing covered, low edge, high edge and bulk wagon.

Iran International Freight Forwarder also transport petrochemical products via borders and legal ports of Iran to Iraq and Afghanistan.

We do our best to satisfy our customers' and partners' needs and wishes through aggressive response and professional manner.

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