South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltdr

South Africa Freight Forwarder

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd is a young company that is rapidly expanding due to the quality of our service and also competitive prices. Mr. M Neels who is the sole owner of the company as such has a vast amount of experience in Customs procedures and has previously worked for SARS and a few other Clearing Agencies and are a professional with high values. We will promote strong corporate identity and image that will provide completive edge, in terms of Priceing costing and all other success factors. South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd is a 100% black owned company and we value our customers, no job is too big or to small, we will attend to all or any of your needs in the Custom Clearance and Forwarding as well as Logistics Industry with a target market of both private and public-sector clients.

Through close customer contact and excellent relationship, we will meet the needs of our customers wherever we can. Our reputation of good old fashioned honest trading, efficiency, on-time service and reliability will move your business, likewise our own, successfully through the difficulties facing the Logistics industry of today and tomorrow. The company is also registered with SARS to import and export any goods or services and is Licensed as a Customs Clearing Agent.

We specialize in giving full guidance and advice on the documentation requirements of SA Customs for expeditious completion of customs procedures. This is to ensure that at no point of time, the cargo movement is held up, due to the shortcomings in the documentation.

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd Vision

To deliver value to our esteemed clients and to be considered the Clearing & Forwarding Agent of choice.

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd Mission

To offer Efficient and Cost effective Clearing and Forwarding services and to not only meet but at all times exceed our clients expectations.

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd Objectives

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd Services

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd Marketing Strategy

Our marketing strategy will emphasize the strengths of both our company and our services. We will position ourselves as an aggressive innovative company that supplies the market with new, high quality service. We will position ourselves in trade shows within industry publications, and the internet to reinforce this marketing strategy. Our brochures, letterhead, and business correspondence will further reinforce these concepts.

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd Expected Challenge

The initial capital costs required are high as well as the services in which the Industry Trades. Due to the new political dispensation in South Africa it has resulted in new opportunities being introduced.

The above mentioned not only serve as a challenge but also serve as the motivation for South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd to grow and be very competitive in the market.

Human Resource Management and Social Corporate Investor

As one of its major objectives of this Private Company seek to attract, develop, reward and retain all the skilled employees who will help enhance the development and growth of the business. Mr Neels also has vast experience in the Human Resource development industry as such.

Management Summary

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading (Pty) Ltd is black owned operated business. The work is organized by function, and the business is carried out in a logical and organized structure. The work environment is characterized by hard work, respect and a familiar structure.

Personnel Plan

South Africa Freight Forwarder Trading will employee only two people and if the company grow our intension is to increase the number of employees between 20% and 35% in the first two years. As revenue allows, we will add technical staff, sales staff, and an office administrator to handle the increased volume.

Management :Mr Neels primary responsibility as Director will be to ensure continuity and the day-to-day adherence of the organisations strategic objectives. He also obtained vast experience in the business industry.

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