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INTERNATIONAL Sea Freight Shipping From China To Kenya

The history of international trade between African and China is long-standing, and the mount is rising quickly these years. Importing from China is one of the top choices for African importers looking for cost-effective goods.

Whether you are planning to diversify your business or leverage cheaper made products, importing from China to your country can be an important ingredient in your business. However, before you rush to import your first batch of products, you should know few things:

Identify what to import

As with any other investment projects you may be trying, make sure you have a clear understanding of what you are going to be doing before going into it. Find some good products that can attract demand locally. For example, Sanitary wares, Plumbing fittings, Electrical fittings, tiles, Electronics and cheap jewelry. Consult the customs office to be sure the products you are planning to import are acceptable under Kenyan law.

Find good suppliers

Sites such as or have an excellent database of Chinese manufacturers. Here you will find many suppliers with different product categories. It is, however, advisable to double check on the credentials of your chosen supplier just to make sure you are getting the right deal.

To avoid fraud or cases where poor quality products is been supplied, take the following precautions:

Shipping Document

Electronic Cargo Tracking Note The documents for customs clearance are special when importing to Africa. Except for the normal commercial invoice, packing list and bill of lading, a cargo note is a most in most cases. More than half of the African countries need electronics cargo tracking note to clear the charge. When the importer declares customs at the destination port, they need to provide this number or COC certificate in Kenya.

Choose the best carrier

Choosing the right carrier means, you are on the right way to cheap logistics solution. You can consider these maritime companies MSK, CMA, NDS, DELMAS, SAF, PIL, Hamburg Suda, KLINE, CSCL, ZIM, and so on.

In China African transportation, MSK accounted for 60% of the total market volume, and its domain the African ocean transportation for years. PIL is doing the best to east Africa mostly Kenya.

Identify the port of loading

Unlike in Kenya where there is only one main port city, China has many outlets. There is Guangzhou, Tianjin, Shenzhen, Shanghai, Ningbo, and Dalian among others. In each port cities, you will find courier companies that can deliver to Kenya and help you clear with the customs offices. Examples being;

Once you have identified your port and potential courier company (and assuming that you have already received the samples and are satisfied with them), you can direct your supplier to drop your goods at Mombasa Port. From that point, you can negotiate with the courier agent in terms of delivery.

Shipping to Kenya

Main Ports: Mombasa

Main inland Cities: from Mombasa to KAMPALA, JINJA, KIGALI, and JUBA.

From China to Nairobi, it will take around 35 days by sea shipping.

Clearing form custom in Kenya

Paper works, documents which use for import clear

Common external tariff (CET)

Collect your goods at the port

If you pay your goods to deliver by sea, then you have to collect your goods from the port of Mombasa.

Finally, now that your imported goods have arrived in Kenya, all you need is to make good use of your entrepreneurial skills. With proper Priceing and marketing, the sky is the limit for importers business who source their goods from China.