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Shipping from China To Russia

Shipping from China to Russia requires property right before it can function. A right of ownership details is what one can and can not do with a particular asset. Shipping from China to Russia requires as that specify the actions that are permitted and those that are prescribed, and it also requires agreements from freight forwarding forwarders between China port and the importer receiving the goods from China. As n merchant, there are many things to put in place when shipping goods from China to Russia, cargo delivery safe, on time with competitive freight cost. However, to choose the best delivery option is depending on the choice of the importer, the volume and weight of the goods or items to import from China to Russia.

Shipping from China to Russia can be in two ways about freight transportation.

1. Which shipping method you can choose? 2. Which party will manage your shipping?

Shipping from China to Russia cost can not be the only thing to consider, but it is usually a primary and determining factor. After all, every decision to make must be in a safe mode for the two parties. However, international logistics service methods can make a vast difference both in transit time and freight charges. Therefore, determination of which method to use that will be the most cost effective one from shipping from China to Russia should always in mind.

China to Russia door to doo Regular Post

This regular post means shipping from China to Russia is normal, regular China post (or Hong Kong post), it can take up to 2-5 weeks to arrive or deliver. If the importer waits, it is the cheapest option for small shipments from China to Russia like samples and parcels. The merchant can track and trace online, but the information can not update in time. Though this is unsafe, lost packages are hard to find. Hence, it is not recommended at most times.

Express Courier - Door to Door to Russia

Shipping from China to Russia with a courier company will be the most appropriate method for most people starting out. Shipping from China to Russia courier company broadly used in China is UPS, DHL, and FedEx. Though TNT is famous in Europe, it is not so much more demanding like others in China. Cargo Shipment with courier service, fast delivery and on online tracking facility. Most mail deliveries take just 2-5 business days to arrive and deliver in anywhere in Russia. The amount is much higher than postal service, get seamless delivery. In most cases, delivery is quick and reliable. If any problem persists, there is a tracking number that can help resolve the matter.

Air freight - China to Ruaaia airport to airport

Air transportation is another method of shipping from China to Russia, most of the cases; it used if the weight of a sourced product is too large for couriers. For instance 500kg of a good. Air freight is the best means of shipping from China to Russia, with air cargo costs is significantly lower than with courier companies.

Shipping from China to Russia through air freight is not under heavy load, and their deadlines are tight, or there is tighter control on the security. Transit time varies based on the schedule of airlines but in general range between 2-10 days which is fair. However, there is extra work for the importer when the goods arrive at the destination airport. The importer has to handle documentation and customs clearance on him/herself (unlike the courier companies) which for many newbies may seem unpractical.

Sea freight -port to port services

Shipping from China to Russia through sea freight can take a very long time, but it can convey a multitude amount of goods which reduces the costs. The diverseness of cargo that can ship from China to Russia is also a significant benefit to this mode. That's why it is the famous and widely used method in logistics. From Shenzhen to Novorossiysk St.petersburg by COSCO Shipping

Shipping from China to Russia take a long time to arrive and deliver, despite the lengthy delivery time, there should be plan ahead and have enough time to wait, sea freight will be the top choice. It will be in the district of 3-60 days where carries are to delive

Ocean freight to Russia

Please check Updated FCL rate to ST.Petersburg.
Hope the rate will be useful for you.
Validity:till Oct 14th
Above rate base on FIFO term, subject to local charge in two ends and MBL T/R Fee USD68/set if need.
Above rate is net cost, please consider your profit.

AAA rates are on sale,details as below:
POL: HK/Shenzhen/Ningbo/Xiamen/Shanghai/Qingdao/Tianjin
PDL: SPB(FCT): USD 1150 /20’DC USD 1550 /40’DC&HQ,FI-LO all in,DTHC and docs is all inclusive
UST LUGA: USD 1100 /20’DC USD 1500 /40’DC&HQ,FI-LO all in,DTHC and docs is all inclusive
KOTKA/Helsinki/Rauma: USD 600 /20’DC USD 1150 /40’DC&HQ, FI-FO ,INCL LSS
Novorossiysk: USD 800 /20’DC USD 1150 /40’DC&HQ, FI-FO
Rate validity: till 20 /10 /2017