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Global Air Cargo Services Shipping from China to RWANDA

Rwanda, one of the smallest landlocked African countries is in geographically on the highlands and has numerous lakes. Shipping from China to Rwanda directly by ocean freight is therefore not the best option to consider rather by air freight.

Considering the economy of Rwanda, majority of the good shipped from China are consumer goods; baggage, office equipment, clothes, luxury items, jewelries, furniture, automobile parts, ICT equipment and machinery for agro allied services to mention a few. These products are freighted by our company on regular basis from China to Rwanda and Eastern Africa generally. .

There are three ports of the over 30 ports in China that are close to Eastern Africa where Rwanda can easily be accessed. These ports are located in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai. Hence we provide cargo and parcel freight forwarding services from these ports in China to Rwanda at competitive rates and in record time.

Considering time, the urgency of goods is very key to us and we place our customers first. In taking decision as to the best freight method, some vital information will be required as it takes an average of 4-5 weeks for ocean freight and 2-5 days for Air freight shipping from China to Rwanda not considering the timing for clearing at the ports. Shenzhen industrial hub’s proximity to Hong Kong international airport also serves as a plus for us in delivering out top notch service.

Incoterms are very essential in any freight services delivery and we do our best to offer the safest incoterms for our various clients in Rwanda. The commonly used incoterms when shipping form China to Rwanda are F.O.B, C&F, C.I.F and Ex – Ship for more info on these incoterms kindly visit (insert the link for shipping form China to Paraguay)

When freighting by ocean, weight and dimensions of the cargo are of utmost importance to us and we would like to get this information as early as possible. There are two types of container loading, the full container loading FCL or the shared container loading LCL. The FCL comes in three different standard packages; the 20 ft., 40ft., and the 40 cube high containers while for the LCL it is measured in weight and converted to cubic meters.

Over time, we have discovered that shipping of goods is not just a one of process but it comes with extras such as cargo collection from sellers, also consolidating of the goods should a buyer purchase from 10 different sellers, also we store your goods in warehouses pending time for shipping and we offer documentation and customs clearance for our numerous clients. For customers that want their goods delivered to their doorstep or want express services, that is perfect as these also is within our expertise.

Africa happens to be one of our major focus as an international logistics service providing company, therefore we offer best shipping rates when shipping from China to Rwanda hereby saving our customers the stress. Also we have in place a standard operating procedure that facilitates a hitch free freight experience.

Inquiry shipping from China to Rwanda

We wish to establish a means of transportation for textiles purchased in Guangzhou, China, going to a charity in Kigali, Rwanda. This is small, but important. We will be shipping multiple parcels of 100% woven cotton flannel fabric. Parcels, measured in inches, are: 25"H X 15"W X 20" D, and weighing 25 lbs. Can you provide cost to ship and can you provide Rwanda customs category and duty fee? Most African women have no access to personal hygiene products. Girls are not allowed to attend school because of their menstrual blood. A charity in Kigali sews reusable menstrual kits for their African girls and women. We wish to supply the fabric they need for these kits so that girls in Africa can go to school and get an education. This will empower the women in Africa to have better lives. Can you ship the flannel for us. 2017/9/29