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International logistics Services Shipping from China To Sri Lanka

Officially known as the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, this South Asian island country shares water boundaries with India and the Maldives to the northwest and southwest respectively. With a population slightly above 21 million citizens, and over 90% literacy rate, there exists a great opportunity for international shipping from China to Sri Lanka.

Having an economy second to only the Maldives in the whole of South Asia, three major ports and the fifth largest natural harbour in the world, also being a developing country, the major imports from China to Sri Lanka consist the following: Machinery and automobiles, textile fabrics and cloths, Petroleum, Mineral products and largely foodstuffs and processed food. Knowing the importance of these products to the development of a nation we invest a considerable amount of our resources in shipping to Sri Lanka from China.

Going by the international logistics standards ocean freighting is standardized by the following, container come in three different sizes of 20ft, 40ft, and 40 cube high container size and these are considered as full container loading (FCL), while other cargo sizes especially those not up to a container size are in boxes and are classified as shared container loading (LCL). Shipping to Sri Lanka takes a maximum of 3 weeks and depending on your cargo, charges are between $5-12 per kilogram. Ships leave the Chinese water through the East China Sea and make their way to the South China Sea through Indian Ocean an arrive at Sri Lanka.

uties and taxes are charged on international logistics services shipping from China to Sri Lanka. The unique 10-digit code on your product serves as a tracking number and also helps to calculate the tax to be paid on each product. Once this is done your goods can be delivered to your destination. In the interim we offer storage services in China for the goods before shipping and we also offer global express such DHL Express UPS express delivery services collect from each China cities. With the knowledge that clearing a consignment at the port can be cumbersome, we do offer such services too. Kindly visit …..

In conclusion, international logistics services are incomplete without incoterms which are the basis for international trade transactions. They make up the business contract. A default on either the part of the client or the seller in price settling can result to losses on a large scale primarily because in the shipment of goods, expenses incurred are greater in most cases than the cost of the goods itself. The common terms of sales used in international trade by extension when shipping from China to Sri Lanka are;

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