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How Shipping From China To Tunis

If you are looking to do shipment from China To Tunis, no matter if you do a small business where you purchase items from China and sell to retailers in the Tunis or purchase a present and stuff from china to yourself. Goodhope is a dependable shipping agent that take up goods from the factories in China. We are based in China and do the services shipping from China to Tunis at the cheapest cost to save money and time for the people who are engaged in transferring goods from China to Tunis for whatever purposes.

How does it work?

Every shipment going through international borders must be passed through customs in the destination country before delivery to the client unless the sender specified a broker. GoodHope Freight offers shipments to Customs and other regulatory agencies on the behalf of customer. However, it is the sender's responsibility to provide the essential and accurate documents. And if shipments are held by Customs because of inaccurate documentation we may first attempt to alert the recipient as well.

Tunis Import Clearance Process:

While shipping from China to Tunis, clearance through Customs depends on whether you're shipping: Documents with no commercial value or dutiable goods.

Necessary Documentation:

Essential documents vary according to the following factors: Any shipment with a value, no matter if the goods are without any cost to the recipient, will still need the fully completed commercial invoice for customs clearance that GoodHope Freight performs for the client. “Packing list” “Commerical Invoice” these two documents ready for shipping from China to Tunis

GoodHope Freight International Mechanism:

GoodHope Freight shipment service is designed to take the nervousness and hassle out of international shipping. We take all of the responsibility through our experts and make sure you do not have to suffer through the process. We also make sure to control all the legal complications and turn them in the favor of our client with the help of our utter professional services and dealing.

Export Prohibitions and Limitations:

Different items are forbidden by Customs for import to Tunis. Such items are in addition to the things prohibited by the regulatory authorities and senders are liable for ensuring that the commodities they are shipping are approved for shipment to Tunis.

Goods Prohibited for Import to Tunis:

The cash and cash equivalents, credit card blanks, debit cards other than telephone cards, dangerous good as defined by authorities, dry ice, furniture furs and personal belongings.

The magnitude and weight maximums for import shipments:

274 cm long and 330 cm length + girth (108" and 130") 68 kg (150 lb) Personal gift shipments must be certain thousand dollars. There is usually no limits regarding the number of consignment made by the customer unless there are unusual situations..

Shipment duration:

There are a number of ways and options that facilitate shipment through different ways shipping from China to Tunis. For example, relatively cheaper methods are the ones in which shipment is made in more number of days, taking from 7 to 20 days. Whereas, in case if the customer chooses express shipment option, he might have to pay more and receive their particular goods earlier than standard delivery time. Still, if you are unsure about the whole process and feeling nervous, do not worry anymore and feel free to get in touch, we will be back to you as soon as possible..

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