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What you need when shipping containers from China to Zambia

In case you’re shipping a container for the first time shipping from China to Zambia, you might be unfamiliar with sea shipping protocols. One requires a reputable company to import the merchandise. It is important to contact an import agent from China that has adequate experience, capacity, and reputation to ensure a smooth and stress-free shipping process. However, identifying import services may not solely determine a successful shipping. Read through to determine the various requirements mandatory when shipping containers from China to Zambia.

What are the sea freight related costs?

When shipping containers shipping from China to Zambia, one incurs some fees. The various fees imposed are related to the selected incoterms. Hence, when shipping from China, budget for the following:

What are the various shipping frauds?

Unfortunately, there are some shipping related scams. There are fraudulent companies that load containers with junk materials or even a different type of goods ordered by the buyer. This is a common problem facing the shipping industry. However, one ought to verify the cargo before shipment. Sending a quality inspection agent can be of great help too.

In other instances, there can be the bill of lading scam. Remember the document is mandatory in accessing your cargo. Some unscrupulous import agents opt to withhold the bill of lading hence holding your goods ransom. It is also imperative to inquire about the actual cost of shipping from China to Zambia. Other fraudulent agents reap the benefit of overcharging for shipment.

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