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How To Buy From Taobao in Malaysia without agent

How To Buy From Taobao in Malaysia without agent? If entering the website of Taobao was already an adventure, imagine buying for yourself, without any intermediary. Sounds incredible? Well, through this article we will make it possible.

If you do not want so much protocol in your purchase, or you don’t have that much money, you have two options, using the official Taobao shipping or using an independent shipping company, taking into account that this is not a company that specializes its activities in shipping packages.

When buying directly from Taobao, the first problem to solve is the payment method.To buy from Taobao in Malaysia without an agent, you must take into account that there will be nobody as an intermediary, there’s no one negotiating the purchase, the price, much less the quality. You personally must be very aware of the destination of the merchandise that you purchased through the website.

You risk having your own buying experience by saving that 8% or 10% commission charged by the agents, but you must be extra careful.If something goes wrong, be sure to maintain a direct communication channel with the seller and good luck with the language barrier!

No middleman, just shipping companies

If you use an independent shipping company make sure you have a good one, to avoid any loss. The bests are the one that rate shipments based solely on the actual weight and do not consider the volumetric weight compared to the main international transport companies that consider both the actual weight and the volumetric weight and take the higher of the two, increasing the price.

Also, the majority of shipping companies outside Taobao, accept certain types of items that cannot be accepted by big companies, such as liquids or powders.

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