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Air France Cargo

This Air France Cargo is also known as KLM Martinair Cargo. It is one of the leading Air Cargo Company and has some general kind of conditions that must be applied if the Cargo is being carried by the Air France Cargo or KLM Martinair Cargo. The Air France Cargo has been known for many years for transporting the Cargo on different destinations with great care. The Cargo services are transported all over the World. It has a combined fleet of three Airlines. The hubs are located close to each other for the easy transport of Cargo to its final destination such as Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol ate located ideally close to each other. Air France cargo also the name AF/KL/MP Cargo.

The Air France Cargo Destinations

The Cargo Company flies off to 466 destinations in 158 countries. This well established Cargo company flies off to United States, Mexico, Canada, Madagascar, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Indonesia, Australia, Japan, China, Magnolia and many others. The time, destination and other related information about the flights can be found online on the website.

The Air France Cargo The Fleet

To ensure the good quality of the transportation of Cargo and maintaining good facilities the Fleet of this Airline is maintained in an expert way. It consists of modern Aircraft that is manufactured by Boeing, Airbus, Fokker, and Embraer. The full freight Air Craft can be combined for the transportation of the Cargo, only to provide you the good quality facilities and meet your requirements. The full freight Air Craft operated by the Air France KLM Martinair Cargo includes B747-400 ERF, B747-400 BCF, B777-200F. These Air Craft have a good capacity of Cargo and thus can transport the Cargo from one place to another easily.

The Air France Cargo Hubs

The two important hubs of the Company such as Paris Charles de Gaulle and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol are present within Europe and very close to each other so that our comprehensive network can be accessed easily. They can maintain and handle all kinds of cargoes whether they are of the simple type of need special handling. The facilities provided at the Amsterdam Airport Schiphol include cooling of shipment, the vault for the handling of valuable products, Conditioning Competence Centre and an Animal hotel for keeping live animals.

The Air France Cargo Customer Care Support

The staff at the Air Craft Cargo Company is highly skilled and educated and ready to help the passengers. Likewise, our Customer Care staff is available 24/7 to help you out in every possible way. You can contact the Customer Care center anytime you want and get the information about the Cargo arrival or other details. You can also know about the transportation of your Cargo. You can also connect with the staff through the mail. During the holidays, the Company shipping tools can be used for the support and help of the team. When you use Air France Cargo shipping from China for your shipments, you need to know where the Air France Cargo tracking your shipments.

The Air France Cargo Scheduling of the Cargo

The scheduling of the Cargo depends upon the need of the passenger that when he or she needs the Cargo. The details, time and the place of the Cargo are provided by the passenger and we try our best to deliver the product as soon as possible.

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