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Shipping from Shenzhen / Guangzhou / Shanghai / Beijing / Hong Kong airports to the US Europe Australia Africa...

Goodhope Freight provides professional international air transport services from various international airports in China to more than 800 international airports around the world. The company has been engaged in international air transportation for more than 10 years. GoodHope is going to be your best partner in your international air transport in China! Look forward to creating brilliance with you!

Air Freight Services

air freight cartons

Cartons Cargo

Bulk cartons cargo is the most important form of international air transportation. The weight or size of the single box is relatively small. The minimum lifting weight of a single ticket is 45KG, and the weight of single ticket can exceed 10 tons and 20 cubic meters.

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large air freight

Large cargo air freight

Single-piece goods weighing more than 1 ton or large-sized products, such as moulds can be air freighted. We will choose the right cargo plane according to the size of the goods to be air freighted. We professional handle heavy and big cargo by air.

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full ai freight

Airline Charter

We also provide the best container cargo air freight service. Some containers by sea freight cannot catch up with vessel, use air freight to destination need use this way.

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air freight china

Air freight booking

According to the air contract number of foreign international freight forwarders, booking the cabin to the airline at the corresponding domestic airport then contacting the factory to assist the delivery.

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Advantages of Using our Services

  • Low air cost: as an international air freight forwarding agent, Goodhope Freight has always provided the best competitive one hand air price in the market for customers.
  • Time-saving and fast: We choose the fast aviation and flight, pick up the goods to the port of destination, closely control the links of all links, and ship the goods to the destination airport in the very quick manner saving a lot of time.
  • Variety of prices: we can provide the air price of different airlines so you can compare the prices of each airline and then decide to use the service you find suitable.
  • Enough Shipping space: We have years of cooperation with many airline companies, so we are familiar with the various models of each airline. Therefore, in the end, you will be asked for confirmation of the booking of shipping space.
  • Rich experience: As a company with more than ten years’ experience of international air transportation, we have gained considerable knowledge about different airports and different airborne products. Our international air service level is much higher than that of the market.

Additional Services

More services let you have more time and focus on your business resulting in greater success.

pick up air freight cargo

Pick UP Air Cargo

Cooperation with well-known domestic logistics companies to provide services from all places in the country to the airport.

shipment consolidation

Cargo Consolidation

Cargo collected from different factories or suppliers combined into one shipment of goods of international air transport.

customs clearance for air freight

Customs clearance

As an international air transport declaration agent, we provide the shipper with the professional customs declaration tax refund service, correct, detailed and timely exportation declaration.

air freight insurance

Air cargo insurance

The agent purchase air cargo insurance before the cargo aircraft.

air cargo documents

Ready Documents

The preparation of air outlet and the objective state clearance required adocuments, such as packing list, commercial invoice, bill of lading, certificate, fumigation certificate.

repack air shipment

Repacking Cargo

According to your request to pack the goods in a good quality carton or wooden frame, wooden reinforcement

The main airports where we have services

The airports where we can handle your shipment by air freight from China are given below

  • Hongkong Airport: This airport has a long history, perfect infrastructure, and more than 100 international airlines make it the busiest international airport in Asia. Some of the famous airlines include the United Arab Emirates, Turkey airlines, Singapore Airlines
  • Shenzhen (Baoan International Airport): Based in Shenzhen, to serve the goods in Shenzhen and its surrounding cities. Some of the famous airlines are CA national airlines, Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines, and UPS Airlines
  • Guangzhou (Baiyun International Airport): To undertake the air cargo exported from Guangzhou and Guangdong Province, the main advantages are Southeast Asia, the United States and Australia.
  • Shanghai Airport (Hongqiao / Pudong): Provides export services to the enterprises of the Yangtze River Delta, and direct flights to North America and Europe.
  • Beijing (Capital International Airport): the largest international airport in China, and more than 80% of the domestic small and medium-sized airports export to Beijing airport.
  • Zhengzhou Airport: New and dynamic international airport, serving from Foxconn to the full opening of the market, the air price is very competitive.

Hong Kong Airport

Shenzhen Airport

Guangzhou Airport

Beijing Airport

Zhenzhou Airport

Customer evaluation

some clients whom using our sea freight services

As Australia's biggest market shipping agent, US and Goodhope Freight since 2003 to establish a cooperative relationship, they as our company in the Chinese FCL container booking agent, monthly to help us deal with more than 8000 container ports China from different shipping companies to Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide / Freeman Ritter, the strength of male big international Chinese shipping agency.

We are importing agents in Africa, and we buy different commodities from China to different countries in Africa for a long time. The most used are international seaborne boxes to West Africa, East Africa, South Africa, the major ports of North Africa and the landlocked countries. Goodhope Freight box service and port agent have helped us very much, it is our best friend! Good freight forwarder in China.

We are the big seller of Amazon. We have the online stores in the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom, Poland, Germany and France, and the sales of products are mainly from China. Since the use of Goodhope Freight FBA process service, the goods from FBA to Chinese LCL and FCL, the sales and operation of the professional staff that I put more time and energy spent if selection and sales. It's lucky to be able to find a safe freight forwarder.

Chile purchases different building materials for local governments and schools in China, such as floor tiles, toilets, windows, LED lights, and iron gates. In order to reduce the cost of shipping and customs clearance, we often need to Shandong and Zhejiang, small batch Foshan, Huizhou places the goods collected together with a 40 HQ container container shipped from Shenzhen to Valparaiso. Goodhope Freight China cargo shipping FCL service for us. Thank you for such a careful work!

Global Air Freight Services From China To The World

Ever wondered how the food you ate last night tasted so good and fresh despite the fact it can only be found in another part of the world? Well, that's the wonders of technology and global air freight services. In the recent year, global air freight services have become very popular with many manufacturing industries and businesses as well as the common man. Their popularity can be attributed to the fact that these services offer many advantages. Customers can not only be assured that their package would arrive on time but also in good condition.

There are several air freight service agencies around today that offer their customers various services such as door to door delivery which makes these services more popular. Even though it can be an expensive exercise, it remains popular amongst many exporters and common man alike. An air freight service company is committed to ensure that your package reaches its destination safely from the time it leaves its country of origin to the door step of its destination. Part of its services is to handle any documentation that should be done such as insurance, security of the package and ensure that their agents at the receiving end look after your business. Sending packages through this service agency can be beneficial in many ways and cost effective.

An alternative to these services for sending a package overseas can be through shipping. This service has been around for ages, however, the benefits that air freight services offer far out weight those of transportation through shipping. Sea cargo can take between days from China to reach its destination. This may not be ideal for transporting food items as they would not remain fresh and in some cases become inedible. Sometimes, packages would even get lost due to improper handling.

Here are some of the advantages of transporting through air freight service.

It is much faster as compared to any other form of cargo transportation. Any ports around the world can be reached within 2 days. This reduces the risks of damage to goods.

Food items that require quick delivery to fetch a higher price in the market depending on how fresh they are can make use of this service.

Service agencies now provide additional services such as door-to-door delivery of packages and handling of any documentation for the transportation of goods to out-do their competitors.

Delivery through these services also provides better security for the goods being transported because transportation is through air.

The insurance that an exporter or a person sending packages through air freight should pay is generally lower compared to sending items through land or sea freight since lesser time is needed for transportation thus resulting in lower insurance premiums.

As air transportation of cargo is much smoother compared to sea or land, lesser packaging is required thus saving cost.

Global Air freight services have several advantages over any other form of cargo transportation. Before sending packages through air cargo, one should do proper research on the company they wish to send their package through. Exporters should be sure of what kind of packaging is required for their goods and the time it will take for the package to reach its destination to ensure quality of food items being transported. The air freight charges, services that the agency would provide and other details should be clearly laid out in front of the customer.

Our Global Air Freight Services Include:

Air freight services to US

Goodhope Freight as one of the biggest international air cargo agent in China, we provide air cargo charges from Baoan international airport to LAX / JFK / EWR / IAH / IAD / YUL / HNL / SFO / YVR... The air freight price from Shenzhen updaet weekly sometimes change everyday, so if you want air freight cost calculator for your shipments, the better provide the details of packing list to us.

How long air freight from China to USA time? for example from SZX to LAX, use CA air cargo, it is fly directly to LAX, take 20 hours, in day can arrive.

International air cargo companies

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