About Air Baltic Cargo Company And Services

Air Baltic Cargo

Air Baltic Cargo (BT Cargo)This company was established in 1995 and is a joint stock company and is the cargo company of USA. The two important shareholders for this company are Latvian State and Lars Thuesen. The Latvian State is known as the primary share holder and holds 80.05% of the company’s shares. On the other hand, the Lars Thuesen has 20% share in the stock of the company. This is known for carrying direct flights from direct cities and countries. It made its first flight on February 24, 1985. The manufacturer of this Air Cargo is basically Boeing Commercial Airplanes.

Air Baltic Cargo Destinations

Among the common flights it carries are from Riga to Brussels, Copenhagen, London, Odessa, Oslo, Olbia, Venice, Turku and many other countries. It takes away the direct flights from Tallinn to Berlin, Paris, Riga, and Amsterdam. Flights are also conducted between Vilnius and Munich, Berlin, Riga, and Amsterdam.

Air Baltic Cargo Management

The Company is run under the influence of highly professional and skilled personals. They are not only vigilant but highly skilled who have played a major role in the success story of the company. Among the highly qualified management include people like Martin Gauss, Vitolds Jakovlevs, and Martin Sedlacky who not only promoted the trade through this Airline Company but have also reconstructed the business fast and efficiently.

Reserving the seat in Advance

Traveling with this Aircraft Company you can easily reserve a seat of your own online along with the ticket so that you can enjoy your flight easily.

In flight meals

In flight, meals are present during the flight and more than 80 nutritious meals are present for the passengers which they can order easily according to their will. Economy class travelers are highly benefited with this facility

On time Arrival Guarantee

The Airline tries its best to facilitate the passengers in every possible way. The passengers can avail the on time arrival Guarantee and ticket online using the website. In the case of any delay in the arrival of the flight you can easily complain the company within 30 days and in return can receive an e-voucher fry your future flights.

Payment through installments

Air Baltic Cargo is highly comfortable and entertains its passengers in every possible way so that they can travel easily. If the cost of the ticket exceeds the budget of the passenger then he or she can pay the price of the ticket in installments. Installments can be either two or four installments and the passengers have a time of one month to pay the money before the flight takes off.

Air Baltic Cargo Hand luggage handling

For the passengers the total weight of the handbag they are carrying and the personal items they have must not exceed the limit of 8 kilograms. The personal items that the passengers are allowed to carry are a laptop bag, umbrella, camera bag, and handbag. If the weight of the luggage exceeds the permissible limit of the luggage then it is rejected completely. Auxiliary devices are allowed for the people with reduced mobility to be brought n the cabin but it must be ensured that the rules and regulations are not violated as maintaining the discipline is the main aim of the Air Baltic Cargo.

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