TAOBAO China History

On May 10, 2003, a group of companies by the name of the Alibaba’s Group, got together and created a Chinese online shopping site referred to as the TAOBAO. TAOBAO China is the largest online retail website in China, offering both customer to customer (C2C) and business to consumer (B2C) shopping platforms as well as a variety of features and services. The company mission is to foster a comprehensive e-commerce ecosystem that will provide partners and consumer with the best users experience possible. TAOBAO currently has more than 500 million product listing and serves more than 210 million registered users. TAOBAO market place receives more than 40 million unique visitors daily and is one of the top 20 most visited websites in the world. The TAOBAO marketplace decides to provide a unique offering to small business owners and entrepreneurs. TAOBAO offered free listings to sellers and introduced website features designed to act in local consumer best interests, such as instant messaging for facilitating buyer and seller communication. Also, TAOBAO China provides a social element of peer selling that seldom appears on other platforms. The consumer can acquire product information, communicate with other customers, and receive real time message from vendors on TAOBAO. Sellers can post goods for sale or resale, either through a fixed price or by auction.

Taobao China Company development

In April 2008, TAOBAO China introduced a newly dedicated B2C platform called TAOBAO Mall to complement its C2C marketplace. The TAOBAO mall is considered to be the ideal destination for top brands, goods, and quality for all the different Chinese consumer. As an additional offering, there were additional activities that had taken place as well as a new launch of an independent domain by the name of TAOBAO fueled the overall growth of the Chinese online shopping industry through execution of the “Big TAOBAO” strategy with the aim of becoming a provider of e-commerce infrastructure services for all e-commerce market participant.

Taobao China Shopping

To thoroughly investigate a TAOBAO shop, a good way is to view its feedback by clicking the shops rating icon. TAOBAO users usually spend the time to read feedback and compare items of one shop to others. For every trade deal on TAOBAO, there must be a section of customer feedback, which is a determining factor of the sale volume for the shop. Therefore, shop owners often put effort to maximize the positive comment and eliminate the negative ones. To collect public perspectives towards TAOBAO service, searching tools, and other functions are used to determine and learn the user’s demand, which could help TAOBAO make more improvement.

TAOBAO introduced a website features designed to best appeal to local users, such as an instant messaging tool “Aliwangwang” for facilitating buyer to seller communication, and a payment tool “Alipay” which offers both security and speed. As a platform of Chinese origin, TAOBAO also has a distinct advantage of being more attractive to the Chinese citizens. Perhaps, one of TAOBAO greatest strength is its well-established connectivity with Alibaba's platform. TAOBAO product is so well diversified, people can almost find anything they want.

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