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Warehouse for consolidated awkward cargo for buy from Taobao

Good Hope Freight (China) Limited, locates in Shenzhen, is an international logistics company with competitive advantage in providing consolidated shipment and transshipment services.

We are committed to provide the best value-added services of warehousing for consolidated awkward cargo from Taobao for our clients, mostly overseas Chinese.

There are so many international logistics services for you to choose from: international sea freight services, international air cargo services, international express services, international DDU & DDP logistics services and China railway express services with international DDP logistics service, etc. We will provide you with the most professional logistics service at the best price. And we can be the most capable logistics assistant for you in America, Canada, Australia and Europe, etc.

As the logistics services for consolidated shipments from Taobao provided by the Taobao official freight and its cooperative international logistics companies can’t meet the increasing requirements of e-shoppers shop on Taobao overseas, we need some third part international logistics companies to provide a more professional service for the overseas e-shoppers. Different from the simple domestic logistics process: buyers place their orders with the suppliers on Taobao, then the suppliers can find some logistics companies such as YTO Express and SF Express that day to deliver the goods to their customers directly. The international logistics is a professional industry and has to go through so many processes: complete the export customs clearance in China, complete the import customs clearance in your destination country, book a shipping service and complete the loading, etc.

And there are different customs laws and regulations in different countries. Taobao is an asset-light internet company.

It is unwilling to invest heavily to turn itself into a multinational logistics company. For it has a large requirement for manpower and investment, and the investment risk can’t be controlled.

So, facing such a complicated processes of international logistics industry, Taobao can’t provide a professional logistics service for all the overseas e-shoppers and with all the products. Then, if you are an overseas e-shopper who want to shop on Taobao and to ship your goods from China to your country, a third part international logistics company may be a better choice for you.

To meet the overseas e-shoppers’ s requirement for international logistics services, Good Hope International Logistics (Group) Limited made a big decision in March, 2018, to build a warehouse for consolidated awkward cargo from Taobao for the overseas e-shoppers with our professional and high-quality services.

The warehouse is located near the Yantian Harbor, Shenzhen. It covers an area of more than 6,000 square meters with handling capacity of 10 standard containers in 40 GP daily.

We have professional loading and unloading platform, the class management system in high-tech for delivery and warehousing, which can provide accurate data for your goods from, and the professional staffs in good attitude to handle your goods carefully.

Good service and customer satisfaction are all what we pursue. Since our warehouse came into service last year, all the customers who have ordered the service in our warehouse will order our service again.

And they will set our address of warehouse for consolidated awkward cargo from Taobao as their default shipping address on to receive the goods from their suppliers when they shop on As we provide with the best price and service which can detach themselves from worry, they don’t need to find other international logistics companies any more.

What kinds of services are available in the warehouse for consolidated awkward cargo from

What kinds of services are available in the warehouse for consolidated awkward cargo from The meaning of “warehouse for consolidated awkward cargo from” is very easy to understand.

Different from the “warehouse for consolidate parcel from”, awkward cargo means the collection of your cargoes longer than the length (width or height) of 120 centimeters or a single cargo more than the weight of 35 kilograms.

Such as those things we often see in our daily life: tables, sofas, air conditioners, refrigerators, range hoods, fans, rice cookers, curtains, LED cabinet lighting, tea sets, fish tanks, cabinets, doors and ceramic tiles, etc.

Besides collecting awkward cargo and lengthy cargo provided by different suppliers on Taobao, we can also provide you with domestic return service---we can help you to return your goods to your supplier on Taobao through the domestic logistics company designated by the supplier or a logistics company which provide a lower price chosen by our staff when you don’t want this order anymore or it can’t meet the quality standards after our inspecting.

We will inspect your goods by taking photos, making a video call, or checking the quantity, weight and packing size of the goods.

For how to choose the best international transshipment channel, we will provide you with several optional transport schemes for different countries and different cargoes. For instance, for those individual customers who need to ship a small amount of awkward cargo, we can provide international DDU & DDP logistics services-international DDU & DDP logistics service focus on Australia, international DDU & DDP logistics service focus on America, international DDU & DDP logistics service focus on Britain, international DDU & DDP logistics service focus on Germany, international DDU & DDP logistics service focus on Malaysia,

international DDU & DDP logistics service focus on France and international DDU & DDP logistics service focus on Europe, etc. for them to chose from. For those e-shoppers who shop on to purchase a full container of cargo, we’ll recommend them to choose the international full container shipping to door service. And for our commercial customers, we will provide them with the international DDU logistics service with a regular tax payment service. There are more than three international transshipment channels for you to choose from. You can find a right logistics channel for your needs.

The charges for warehouse for consolidated awkward cargo from Taobao

The charges for warehouse for consolidated awkward cargo from Taobao is transparent: Warehouse Entrance Fee: RMB 30/BL; Labelling: RMB 1 each; Photo Taking: RMB 0.5 each piece; Warehousing Fee: RMB 5 per cubic meter per day (warehousing free for 7 days); Wooden Box Order: RMB 350 per cubic meter; Wooden Shelf Order:RMB 200 per cubic meter; Goods Checking: for free; Return Service: RMB 50 each time; Cargo Consolidation: for free. If you have other demands, please contact us and negotiate with us about the price.

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