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How To Buying From Taobao Singapore

In today's era, Taobao is one of the great mystery for those who start in the world of import and export. You may have never heard of it, and much less have you bought a product on this website. If we had to compare Taobao with some web would be eBay. Taobao is the same as eBay in the West. It is the largest marketplace in China between individuals.

The site is designed to sell and buy exclusively from China and it is we consider the world's most economical products manufacturer. Before buying from Taobao Singapore we must take several points into account before we can compare prices, which are obviously cheaper than other platforms.

First of all, Taobao is primarily available in the Chinese language. Yes, if we want to understand what appears on the web we have two options: a) learn Chinese or b) translate the web with google translator. Although many times the translation of Google must be interpreted. We can understand virtually everything that appears in it.

Second, at the beginning, this page was only for purchases made by Chinese residents, but currently, you can do it from Taobao Singapore and Malaysia.

Third, shipments are only made within China. Therefore if you want to buy from Taobao Singapore you can do it through Parcel Forwarding option.

But the important thing about this entry is: Are we really interested in buying in Taobao if we are not Chinese? Is it worth to pay a 10% commission that the intermediaries charge and pay to ship to our address?

There will be items that are cheaper to buy in Taobao even adding 10% commission to the agent and the cost of shipping from China to our country. But will it really be worth it? Also, the answer is: "It depends ..." Yes, it depends on how we value our time and the total amount that we are going to save.In Taobao, we will always have to resort to an intermediary.

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