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How to buy from Taobao Malaysia

Malaysia, is far from being the last destination of most online shopping made from that country, thanks to Malaysian free trade agreements with Europe, packages are ship worldwide.

But if you are living in the country, it depends on which part of Malaysia you are, there are those who prefer to send their purchases from Taobao by sea, due to the proximity of these States, it is much cheaper to buy something on this e-commerce site, send it by sea and receive it in a two weeks than buying something in Malaysia itself.

Don’t get afraid of reading the web page in Mandarin, there are ways in which we can understand, like using Google translator or the help of a friend who speaks the language. If you want to know how to buy from Taobao Malaysia, for your first trial please note when buying from Taobao not all items can be delivered to your country.

This page tracks the location of each buyer, so the information you get could be as accurate as possible, but, you should be aware as well about the prices, they will be shown in your local currency but once you paid, the money will be charged in yuan, China’s local currency.

As in most e-commerce, sellers are ranked according to their performance, their honesty and a number of sales they make, in this case, Taobao uses diamonds. Your job is to choose the one that performs best in the online sales world.

In Taobao you have a cart as well, so you can add as many items as you want one you decide what to purchase.Finally, you have to choose the type of courier service, the payment for the item and the shipping go separately. You can pay using e-banking or credit card.

All your things will be in the warehouse within a day. Then the shipping you have chosen will activate.You know that all your purchases can be made with an agent and you save this step by step, but the usual suggestion is to use a good agent.

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