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how to buy from Taobao in Singapore

Buying from Taobao in Singapore can be an experience to challenge yourself or to buy in style. Just like reading, what kind of purchase do you want? Do you want a direct purchase or do you need agents?

If you are in Singapore means you must transfer your purchase from China to that country, so read carefully the steps to follow. When the chosen methods the direct purchase, you should start with the elementary step: creating your Taobao online account and your Alipay account.

Buy it for yourself!

How to buy from Taobao in Singapore?The process flows in the normal way, you look for the products you search by category, then find a seller who supports shipments abroad and an Official forwarder with a good rank, Preferably 5 diamonds with the capacity of shipping your load to Singapore.

Make sure you thoroughly inspect your purchase and keep in mind that Taobao usually ships packages by air, which makes large purchases or bulk packages more expensive. The official forwarder also does not group all your purchases in a single shipment but makes each purchase an individual shipment, at least you combine the shipment once all the items have arrived at the official Taobao warehouse.

Directly you can also get the shipment through a courier company, which offers to ship by air or by sea, some have restrictions on the type of merchandise, others are expensive and offer loss insurance, but the idea is that you explore enough to recognize which one is the most appropriate.

Is the Taobao agent the best choice?

We know that an agent can achieve the impossible for us, and intercedes in any situation necessary that’s related to the purchase.However, we must accept that this service can be expensive. Everything is reduced to a single question How prepared are you to make the purchase without anyone's help?

With other methods, we are our own support center, but with this method, we have attended at any time of day. Agents from Singapore offer the services that any other agent would offer: security in the purchase, anti-fraud methods, fast shipping and good price. The key is to balance the advantages and disadvantages of using agents or buying on your own.

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