How to buy Taobao in Malaysia

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How to buy Taobao in Malaysia

Buying Taobao in Malaysia has become a possibility thanks to the overseas shipment to Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Southeast Asia that this company began to realize recently.

This indicates that we can order and buy without the need to use intermediaries of any kind because now the shipment can be direct. However, this does not mean that agents cease to be necessary for certain situations.

Currently, Taobao has not refined its methods of shipping so if the merchandise is very large, the cost is quite high and the delivery time is late.

With this in mind, How to buy Taobao in Malaysia can be different depending on what we want, if we buy without an agent we know that after registering on the website and choosing the items in the cart, the next is to cancel and choose the shipping method with Taobao or another company Independent of our confidence.

If we buy with agents, we must give the necessary indications so that they know how to choose the products we want, or leave out the "buy for me" service.It all depends on whether you want to perform complicated procedures and how much experience you have buying online.

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