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There is no special site of Taobao in English, but if we can visualize the site in English translating from the browser in which we are.

Some agents recommend that you use Google Chrome as an official browser in these cases, but it is indifferent, as long as your browser has the option of automatic translation, things will be simpler for you. In this way Taobao can reach the whole world, from any place you can visualize it in your official language if it is English, there are even companies that are dedicated to supporting foreign buyers of this website.

Why translate the page?

Because although the business has grown, this site has not been modernized enough to show all the details in English, it is a great logistics that must be put into action to do that. Meanwhile, we have the automatic google translation.

And how does our browser make it possible?

Thanks to the hypertext protocol HTTP that not only ensures that our communication is safe but allows us to protect our data.

In this way we can buy, we can see the characteristics of the items we want to order. However, this does not ensure that we can communicate with sellers in English, it is unknown by Taobao if all merchants doing business on the platform are bilingual or have consumer support in other languages. The same platform does not have that service, so there are the figure of agents or purchasing agencies.

Our recommendation is that you hire a middleman who is aware of all the processes and ensures that your purchase will be transported to your country if you cannot communicate in the language.

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