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how to buy things from Taobao

Taobao is a portal where all Asian manufacturers can sell their products directly without resellers or taxes. It is the commercial person-to-person paradise of that continent. But if you do not live in China and have never ventured into the deep waters of this e-commerce, this small step by step of how to buy things from Taobao will be illustrative for you.

Already have a user?

If yes, then you can start using the search tool, which allows you to search any article in your language once you have translated the page with the browser. If you live in China then start by adding money to your account before choosing anything for your cart.

The second step is to adapt the portal for you, what language do you speak? That is the language to which you will translate the page, do not try to guess what it says in Mandarin, it will make the way more cumbersome for you.

Feedback is always important

Before choosing a buyer in any area, check what their reviews have been, have their comments been good or bad? Take the appropriate time before buying, do not worry because once you pay, there will be no turning back. It is important that you verify whether this seller accepts returns.

Shipping details What to do?

Once you have pressed "buy", it comes time to be as specific as possible in the shipping details. Among the options is to receive the package at home or receive it at a shipping agency in your locality.

Submit the order, confirm the payment and voila

It is preferable if you have a Chinese bank account, but you should be careful about payment methods accepted by sellers. You're almost done ... you only have to follow up on sending your package until it arrives at your door.

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