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Which air freight companies China provides international air service

With the development of China's international air cargo market, the demand for international air freight is increasing. The construction of China's International Airport is also developing in a large scale. More and more international air freight companies are offering international airline services at various airports in China. Different airport air freight companies are not the same.

Generally speaking, China Hong Kong International Airport has the largest number of international air freight companies, which is related to Hongkong's international free trade area and other economic development. The construction and existing setting of Hongkong airport is better than the equipment in the mainland of China for several decades. Whether it is the type of air freight or international freight routes, it is more mature than the domestic airport. Hongkong airport can provide battery products, dangerous products, chemicals, liquids, magnetic products,

The international air freight services provided by China air freight forwarder are mainly transferred to all countries around the world through the Beijing International Airport. If China international airlines flies to the United States, Canada, Japan, Holland, Europe. Relatively large airlines: Eastern Airlines, Chinese International Airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan airlines, UPS airlines, Lufthansa Cargo Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Korean air, Air France, the country is the aviation, Japan Airlines, Holland airlines, EVA airlines, China Southern Airlines, Hainan Airlines Chinese.

The international air freight companies: Sichuan airlines, Yunnan lucky air, Asiana Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Thailand airlines, Cathay Pacific, South African Airways, Ethiopia airlines. South America: United Airlines, American Airlines, Air Canada, Lufthansa, Holland airlines, Finland airlines, Scandinavian Airlines, Capital Airlines, Yangtze River Express Airlines (Y8).

Different airport international air freight service is not the same, in general, Shenzhen, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, the largest international airport has several large international air freight company to provide foreign direct flights to the international flights, but some aircraft space is not so much. Some airports, such as Zhengzhou International Airport, Chongqing airport and Chengdu airport, providing more than 90% international air freight service services to Foxconn, apple, Samsung, Lenovo and so on. The layout of aircraft and airline will refer to the local government's policy and the needs of actual customers. After all, the airport's supporting facilities and supporting services (export declaration, customs supervision warehouse, office environment, airport ground service, etc.) all need the government to provide. Airline companies will also sign a long-term charter or package board agreement with local big companies ahead of time, so that other air freight companies are very difficult if they want to use local airline services. If the international air freight service is to be used, only the truck will be transported to the nearest big airport.




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