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Air freight to USA services from China

Is there a hurry to send international air freight to USA? Are you looking for a professional and reliable Chinese local international air freight agent? Do you need a competitive air freight? Congratulations on looking for a company - Goodhope international logistics is what you are looking for. We are committed to providing China's first class international air freight airport to airports, door to door services, and over ten years' experience of air freight in the United States, serving over 100000 people, companies, importers and countless American customers. The company has close cooperation with international airlines of all international airports in China and American Airlines.

The Problems When using Air freight to USA

  • High air price, the total cost of air freight to USA is several times higher than that of sea.
  • It's always difficult to make booking. During the peak season or "National Day", "Spring Festival", "Christmas", "black Friday" and "apple new mobile phone listing", it is always difficult to book air cargo space.
  • Shipping from China to USA by air freight, the flight is slow, and some of the routes have passed through a number of countries to the United States, such as Japan and Canada. The turning point of the American interior point card car is delayed due to the holiday or the weather reasons, and the goods are delayed.
  • Air freight settlement, the cost of air charges needs to be paid to the airline or agent beforehand before take off. It is only half a day or less for you to decide. How to pay the freight in the shortest period of time, you need to have their own long-term cooperation
  • trust international air freight agents. They have a monthly knot with the airline, and you will pay the freight to the agent after the takeoff.
  • Comprehensive service capacity, delivery, warehousing,

Some of the shipping type by air freight to USA

  • 1. international air freight
  • 2. air freight Booking
  • 3. air clearance
  • 4. door to door air freight DDU and DDP
  • 5. air freight airport to the airport
  • 6. air freight to FBA warehouse in the United States
  • 7. large cargo air freight

Why choose our air freight to USA

  • Low freight, one hand air price, multiple airline price selection;
  • Experienced, focused on the US international air freight market for ten years.
  • A wide network of international air freight services in the U .S.A;
  • To ensure that the peak season is shipped on time by using our rich air freight resources.
  • Integrated services, providing international air freight door to door one-stop service




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