air freight charges

What are the air freight charges

Air freight charges RATES: The cost charged by the shipper for transporting goods of specified weight unit is called Freight. Air Freight Charges refers to the air cost from AIRPORT TO AIRPORT, not including the carrier, agent or other expenses charged by the airport.

Air freight charges : The transportation cost of each consignment payable by the consignor or the consignee according to the applicable price is called the freight.

The airlines charge international air freight according to the three zoning rates established by the International Aviation Transport Association (IATA). The first area mainly refers to North and South America, Greenland and so on; the second relates mostly to Europe, Africa, Iran and so on; the third refers mostly to Asia and Australia.

There are four types of primary air freight charges:

The general air freight charges (GENERAL CARGO RATE "GCR");

  • The air freight charges of special goods or the designated price of commodity (SPECIAL CARGO RATE; SPECIFIC COMMODITY RATE "SCR");
  • The grade freight rate (CLASS RATE "CCR") of the goods;
  • container freight transportation price (UNITIZED CONSIGNMENTS RATE "UCR")

The minimum air freight charges is the minimum amount of freight that airlines can accept for a batch of goods, regardless of the weight or volume of the goods, and the minimum amount of cargo to be transported between two areas. There are different minimum air freight charges in different areas.

Other provisions relating to air freight charges

All kinds of different air freight charges and costs have the following common points:

  • The price means from one airport to another. And it is only applicable to a single direction.
  • 1.Other extra costs are not included. Such as customs clearance, delivery, transfer, and storage fees.
  • 2.Air freight charges are usually published in local currency.
  • 3.The rate of freight is calculated in kilos or pounds.
  • 4.The price of the air transport bill is the price applicable to the date of issuing the waybill.

Calculation formula of total air freight charges

Total air cost = unit price (each grade price) * weight + LOCAL CHARGE.

NOTE: LOCAL CHARGE mainly includes: DOC bill of lading fee + CUS customs declaration fee + CISS entry fee (Shenzhen collection, Guangzhou do not accept) Other possible costs includes inspection fees.