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airport to airport shipping

airport to airport shipping service from China

Are there any international air freight airport to airport services in China?

This paper mainly introduces the international air freight services from Shenzhen Baoan International Airport to airports in all countries of the world.

Shenzhen airport to other airport routes to the world

Shenzhen Baoan International Airport to the world airport to the airport service flight

Shenzhen to St Petersburg (Russia)
First voyage is expected: December 6, 2017
Airline: Ivy, Russia
Flight schedule: 2 shifts per week, Wednesday, Saturday

Shenzhen, Krabi (Thailand)
First voyage is expected: November 1st
Airlines: China Eastern Airlines
Flight schedule: 2 shifts per week, Wednesday, and Sunday

Shenzhen to Losangeles
First voyage is expected: December 7, 2017
Airlines: China International Uni Airways Corporation (Air China)
Flight schedule: 3 classes per week, Monday, Thursday, Saturday to fly

Shenzhen - Keynes (Australia)
First voyage is expected: December 19, 2017
Airlines: Hainan Airlines
Flight schedule: 2 flights per week, Tuesday and six

Shenzhen to Moscow route
Airlines: Southern Airlines;
Flight schedule: Monday, four

Shenzhen to Brisbane (Australia)
Airlines: Hainan Airlines;
Flight arrangements: Wednesday, Sunday

Shenzhen to Melbourne (Australia)
Flight schedule: Monday, four, six

Shenzhen to the Langkawi in Malaysia
Airlines: Asian airlines;
Flight schedule: Tuesday, four, six

Shenzhen to Milan (Italy)
Airlines: Italy International Airlines;
Flight arrangements: Tuesday, Friday

Shenzhen - Philippines Manila
Airlines: Shenzhen Airlines;
Flight arrangements: Monday, Wednesday, Saturday

Shenzhen to Manado
Airlines: Indonesia lion Airlines;
Flight schedule: Tuesday, four, six, day

Shenzhen, Hanoi, Vietnam
Flight schedule: one class a day

Shenzhen to the golden Phnom Penh of Kampuchea
Airlines: Southern Airlines;
Flight schedule: a daily class

South Airlines Airport to the airport line

South China International Airlines Shenzhen takeoff airport to the airport line:

  • 1. Shenzhen to Los Angeles / Chicago
  • 2. Shenzhen to Amsterdam in Holland / Frankfurt, Germany

China International Airlines CA airport to airport direct flight line (Shenzhen)

  • 1. from Shenzhen to Frankfurt
  • 2. Los Angeles from Shenzhen to the United States

UPS air freight service

UPS international air cargo occupies an important position in Shenzhen airport. It provides Shenzhen airport to Asia, Australia, Middle East, Western Europe, southern Europe, Nordic, North America, Central South American line Shenzhen take-off service, and does not need to transfer from Beijing, the efficiency is much higher than other airlines. UPS can provide so much international airfield to airport service in Shenzhen that it has a great deal to do with -UPS international express, the main business in the group. His aircraft is mainly for its own international express service, and many of the seats are allocated to the air market to collect some goods to fill their vacancies.





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