Garuda Cargo Indonesia- The National Airlines of Indonesia

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The Garuda cargo Indonesia developed in 1947 and in 1949 it was regarded as the Garuda cargo Indonesian Airlines which is the national Airlines of Indonesia. The Aircraft of Garuda cargo Indonesia is used majorly by the SBU Cargo to transport the Cargo from one place to another using Air transportation. The SBU Cargo is an internationally recognized air cargo service that transports the Cargo from one country to another in the most suitable and beneficial way. The SBU Cargo has established its good name in the market by providing the excellent Cargo services and by also establishing the Cargo centers in the major cities like Indonesia, Makassar, Bandung, and Yogyakarta. It works in cooperation with the major Airlines such as China, Malaysia and Korean Airlines for effective delivery of Cargo.

The Garuda cargo Sales Marketing Services

The Garuda cargo International has recently opened up a new Sales office and regional Cargo in Eastern Indonesia to expand the Cargo business. This office has been opened up in Makassar as it is the hub of Garuda cargo in Eastern Indonesia. The main aim of this office is to not only improve the Cargo services but also to provide best services to the passengers. According to the recent reports, the business of the organization has greatly increased due to the establishment of the Sales office at this site.

The Garuda cargo Indonesia Call center

Whenever in the need of guidance about Cargo services you can contact Garuda cargo International Call Center and the friendly staff will help you in every possible way. The customer service number is 00 62 21 23519999 on which you can call at any possible time and ask any kind of query or question. The customer friendly staff is available 24/7 to help out the customers and provide them details about their Cargo services. The live chat Service available at the call center can help to connect with our professional team who can guide them properly. The customer Care Policy is ensured and we try our best to provide any possible facility to the customers.

The Garuda cargo Indonesia Office in Tokyo

The Garuda cargo Indonesia has its offices situated in many countries so that the people of that particular country can obtain the information about the flight's arrival time, schedule of the flights, booking of the tickets and reservation of the seats. The passengers can also know about their lost luggage and this all can be done just over the call or paying a visit to the office. The address of the Tokyo office and its phone number is listed below:
Address: New Tokyo Building 1F, 3-3-1, Marunouchi Chiyoda-Ku, Tokyo.
Phone Number: (81-3) 32406161.

The Human Capital Management Approach at the Garuda cargo Indonesia

The Garuda cargo Indonesia has been engaged in service industry from the start and it greatly emphasizes on the resources of humans for creating a Sustainable and strong cooperation. For the well being of the objectives and strategies of the Company, the Garuda cargo Indonesia uses the best policies to choose the people for their organization that is highly motivated and has a healthy spirit of working. To ensure positive productivity of the Organization the employers should be knowledgeable and highly skilled.

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