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The airline is based in Dubai and it is the fourth largest airlines that are providing its services around the globe. EK Airlines has been connecting 6 continents, 81 countries and 140 cities. They have the best cargo services. Most of the retailers prefer the SkyCargo services of EK Airlines..

With the fleet size of 238, they will allow you to send your products to place in the world. The EK Airlines cargo has gained the trust and satisfaction of the customers.

Which are the advantage routes of the Air China Cargo (CA airline):

Beijing North America and Europe, basically these daily flights are available daily.

For example, the North American flights from Beijing are:SFO (San Francisco) / SHNL (Honolulu) / YVR (Vancouver) / IAH (Houston) / EWR (Newark) / YUL (Montreal) / IAD (Washington)/ JFK (New York); points from Beijing International Airport directly to Europe: Frankfurt / Zeldorf / Madrid Barcelona / Vienna / Amrand / Milan / Rome / London / Munich / Stockholm / Warsaw / Moscow. Their direct flights are not only from the Beijing International Airport flights. Shenzhen International Airport / Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport / Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport have direct flights but these airports take off less flights, only Beijing airport take off more.

EK Airlines cargo History

Emirates Skycargo EK Airlines is the youngest cargo service providers that have been working since 1985. Despite your route and location, they will ensure that your products reach safely to the required destination. The development and growth of the services started in 1993.

In 2015, they have been able to deliver 2.5 million tons of cargo around the globe. In the transport revenue of Emirate, they have 14% contribution, with such success rate they will soon become the best cargo service provider in the world.

EK Airlines cargo office and services in China

The office of EK Airlines is present in all the major cities of China and they are providing the following services:

EK Airlines cargo advantage routes from China to all over world

EK airlines have routes from China to all over the world and here is the list of advantages that you will get by using their services:

EK Airlines cargo tracking

The tracking system of the cargo is very easy. All you have to do is use the online platform. They will ask you to add the document number and the job reference number. Select the option of track and you can easily get the information about 10 different shipments at the same time. You know where your products are every single minute.

Tracking your air cargo shipment which by EK airlines:https://skychain.emirates.com/skychain/app?service=page/nwp:Trackshipmt

EK Airlines cargo contacts in each cities China

If you want to get in contact with the EK airlines office here is the information that you need.

They will provide you with the best services in all conditions. You can outsource your products and reach your customers around the globe with help of EK airlines so do not miss this golden opportunity.

EK cargo news

Please be advised that with immediate effect an embargo has been placed for all shipments destined to BOD, NTE, TLS, and MRS until further notice.17/10/25

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