Alaska Airlines Cargo

Many global importers and exporters depend on air cargo to get their goods from one location to a specific destination in real time. Thanks to international air cargo, you don't have to wait for a minimum of 20 days before getting your goods delivered safely to the US from China. With Alaska Airlines Cargo, you get reliable air freight services that transport your cargo to several warehouses all over the world within few hours. Let's tell you more about how they operate and what you stand to gain.

Alaska Airlines Cargo

As an America-based company, Alaska Airlines Cargo ships all kinds of goods to over eighty-five destinations and has a huge operation that extends to cities including Mexico, Alaska, Boston and much more. Every year, they ship seafood, mail, freight and other cargo worth more than 170 million pounds. Recently, there's been a change to an all-freighter cargo fleet from the all-cargo and combi (combination of cargo and passenger) aircraft. The three 737-700 freighters utilize fuel better and can travel more miles than the -400s ever could. This improvement means a wider market for the aircraft and sure greater opportunities to serve their clients better.

Operations and Benefits

The seafood industry benefits immensely from Alaska Airlines Cargo as they deliver fresh seafood worth over 21 million pounds to restaurants and markets within the country on a yearly basis. They not only operate within the North and Central America, but also travel to other places in the world, and this makes them a leading air cargo in U.S. West Coast. Their service is relaxed and friendly, and they continually improve clients' experience by employing modern trends in technology to enhance their logistics systems.

If you're seeking a safe, quick and reliable means to transport your goods from China to other parts of the world, then you can't go wrong by making your freight arrangements with Alaska Air Cargo. Their services include:

departure time. This way, your pets get to enjoy safety and comfort. To have the best of these services, it's important that you make your bookings in advance. What other pros do you enjoy?

Why Choose Alaska Airline Cargo

At GoodHope Freight, we prioritize our clients' satisfaction and partner with the best air freight company. From China to countries in the US, UK, Canada, Mexico and more, we enjoy excellent airport services. Our airports in Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai, and others offer impressive air rates for heavy goods, door to door deliveries, sensitive shipments and more. The freight rates are dependent on the flight of the aircraft involved and the weight of the cargo being shipped. Nonetheless, you can always enjoy commercial international air cargo that keeps your business thriving.

Our choice of Alaska Airline Cargo guarantees us satisfactory cargo delivery, and we're sure that you'll be most fulfilled with our level of professionalism and innovation. Isn't it time to improve your export and import business?

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