All About Fiji Airways and Air Cargo Services Contacts

FJ Cargo 260 tracking Delivering outstanding Air Cargo services to customers is the mission statement of many airlines. Operating around the Pacific can sometimes be challenging but airlines like Fiji Airways have braved the storm and are now widely known as the flag carrier of Fiji. They make your delivery a memorable lifetime experience and ensure that you always return to them for more services. Let's take you through their services and how you can benefit from them in China.

About Fiji Airways

Thanks to an acclaimed air navigator and other visionary citizens of Fiji who contributed to the establishment of Air Pacific, Fiji Airways FJ air cargo 260 code number has celebrated over sixty-six years of its existence. It has served its people and citizens of other nations by extending its services to many cities in ten countries from around the world. It's worth noting that the airline is among the leading aircraft in that region and it has continually improved its services to give clients a pleasant and enjoyable flight experience. To advance its role in the freight business, it has included new strategies that further broadened its range to cover countries in Europe, the U.S., Asia, and the Middle East. The management team considered the importance of expanding its partners to ensure that importers and exporters can reach many more destinations without difficulty or delay. This innovation birthed greater opportunities that have since helped to make air freight a lot more appealing to newer customers.

Fiji Airways Air Cargo Services

With Fiji Airways, you get security and speed that assures you that your goods are in safe hands. Their cargo facilities are perfectly designed to cater to the needs of perishable, valuable and fragile goods. Its international and domestic services are top-notch and reliable, and you never have to worry about the safety of your cargo. From their base in Nadi, they operate in the United States, Oceania, Paris, London, Moscow, Dubai, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen, Hangzhou and other countries. To get your goods to any of these destinations, you only need to get in touch with the nearest Fiji Airways freight office within your city, and everything will be arranged from there. There are also discounts for holidays with this airline. Their primary services include:

Are you aware that you can also track your goods to trace how well and how far they have moved in the direction of your destination? RJ Air Cargo not only keeps you rest assured, but they also make it possible for you to include your air waybill figure and monitor the status of your shipments. They understand that your products are valuable and should be treated with utmost care and protection; hence, they carefully handle every item you include in your delivery, and they enable you to get feedback with the tracking information you'll be provided with.

Fiji Airways Partners

Since partnership with other airlines also holds many benefits of success for clients, Fiji Airways has chosen to partner with other international airlines. These include:

Fiji Airways Booking Agent Contact Number in China

For ease of shipment arrangements and orders, it's advisable that you have a booking agent within your location. In China, you can reach them in Beijing via 86-10 5879 7544,
in Guangzhou via 86-20 3810 7959 and in Shanghai via 86-21 6375 8385.

Fiji Airways Air Cargo News and Tracking

Recently, a call center which will improve the experience of Chinese customers was launched to ensure that clients from around Chinese mainland and Hong Kong can receive 24/7 services. More interesting is the fact that you can also monitor the status of your cargo using their online tracking system. Doesn't this make your business easier and smoother? If you have FJ cargo BL number you can tracking by yourself directly from Fiji Airways/

Based on our experience in the air freight business, we know the value of Fiji Airways Air Cargo, and we're ever prepared to make your exports and imports pretty fast, accessible and affordable

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