Fascinating Facts You Never Knew About Kuwait Airways Cargo Ku Air Cargo

Kuwait Airways Cargo

Thanks to many national air carriers, the air freight market continually enjoys impeccable services that cross borders and continents. One of this highly respected airline companies is Kuwait Airways Cargo, and their presence throughout the Middle East and beyond has been the primary source of exceptional cargo transport in the air cargo history. In this article, we'll share facts about this airline service.

A Walk through History to the Present

Kuwait Airways Cargo Ku Air Cargo, one of the Gulf region's oldest airlines set off in 1953 as Kuwait National Airways. The international airline company earned its name in July 1955 and has since been the national carrier of Kuwait. Their aircraft transported travelers to various routes that included London, Paris, Doha, Frankfurt, and others. With an increasing number of fleets, they went on to expand their network of worldwide destinations.

Kuwait International Airport, Al Farwaniyah Governorate is the location of the headquarters, and this hub serves many clients in thirty-four different destinations and continents including Europe, America, Asia, and the Middle East. Would it interest you to know that Kuwait Airways Cargo Ku Air Cargo had operated some of their fleets for over twenty years and these fleets are still in good shape? These fleets are numbered around 29, and they comprise Airbus and Boeing aircraft.

Are you thinking of getting your cargo delivered in perfect shape and the most suitable conditions? Think of Kuwait Airways Cargo Ku Air Cargo, and you'll never go wrong. Did you know that this airline got their first solely-owned aircraft in December 2016? Also, are you aware that in May 2017, the company got a new CEO in the person of Ebrahim Abdullah Al-Khuzam? What's even more fascinating is how they operate subsidiaries like Jet Airways and Trans World Airlines, to mention a few. We're sure that there's more you're eager to know. Right now, let's go on to their services.

Highly Sought Services of Kuwait Airways Cargo Ku Air Cargo

Studies have it that air transportation in Kuwait has improved. This airline travels to several cities within the Middle East and Europe. In all, their philosophy has been to satisfy customers and meet clients' expectation. With the use of state-of-the-art technology, they guarantee you timely performance and 100% security for your goods. Kuwait Airways Cargo Ku Air Cargoaim continually remains to extend their network to over forty-six countries and bring customers convenience and satisfaction. Their air cargo services are as follows:

Other spectacular services are 24 hours security coverage, top-rated scanning systems, bar coding of cargo, VISI system for cargo information among a line of exclusive technology that distinguishes this leading air cargo transport system. Are you convinced that your cargo can reach any part of the world with this valuable air freight company?

Kuwait Airways Cargo Ku Air Cargo Company News

This summer, Kuwait Airways Cargo Ku Air Cargo has come up with impressive deals with discounts to allow you get the best offers possible. to find answers to all your questions. Not only have they (and Royal Jordanian) just experienced a lifting of the laptop ban in March 2017 by the U.S. but also now enjoy a resolution of the crisis between the United States and the Middle East airlines.

More so, the airline carrier has received its 9th Boeing 777-300ER which now extends its air freight services to even greater regions. Did you know that about two months ago, they reviewed their Kuwait City to Karachi service which was meant to span a month as from September 2017

We've got so much to tell you about this widely respected and patronized airline. Little wonder why we, at GoodHope Freight, consistently employ their services to serve all our customers within and outside China. Import from China use Kuwait Airways Cargo shipping from your packages shipping from China to Kuwait or to other airport. you'll get the best of our air freight services designed for your business.

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