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Customs clearance services

Custom declaration is the key step in international China sea freight and China air freight. It is with relation to whether the cargos can be exported or not and if the shipment can catch sailing schedule or flight schedule. Capability of custom clearance is a most vital symbol to test the service quality of an enterprise, especially in today’s increasingly competitive forwarding market. At present, large forwarding companies don’t have the right to do custom declaration, either. They usually ask for suppliers to do custom themselves or hand it over to China custom broker companies and even small sized trading enterprises which results in increase of custom fees and missing the sailing schedule. However, custom brokerage also has its own 3 excellent advantages:

Below is the related information for custom declaration:

Cargo name, net weight, gross weight, cartons, pieces, specification, brand, declaration port etc. should be presented by suppliers so that our company can go through formalities of customs quickly and safely.

Goodhope freight is also an agency company-China Customs Brokerage offering various kinds of certificates including CO, FORM E, FAT and so on; packing list and invoice with endorsement of Embassy; Inspection Certificate of Fumigation;Inspection Certificate.

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