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Sea Taobao Malaysia

To make a Taobao shipment from China to Malaysia directly, you must use the official shipment of Taobao, which recently allows us to send packages to this country through the air and sea Taobao Malaysia.

However, Taobao does offer to ship by sea from China, the costs are expensive so to ship by sea and spend less on shipping you must do either of these two things:

What does sea Taobao Malaysia offer to West Malaysian buyers?

It offers Economy Air for small items, a Priority Air freight services offering inspection service at a reasonable cost and Special for fragile merchandise with damage insurance and first-class service.For East Malaysian buyers, it also offers these same services but almost doubles the price.This type of shipment guarantees that your order does not take more than a week to arrive, which gives a certain type of tranquility and makes us feel that the merchandise runs fewer risks.

Also, offers overseas services with different prices depending on the side of Malaysia you live in shipping from China to Malaysia.It is important to keep in mind that shipping by sea is less expensive but can take up to 20 days so we must be very patient, perhaps for those who are further away from China may be a good option due to high costs of air.

There are even agents who only specialize in shipping by sea freight services, and if we want to take into account this latest method we must seek greater security with those companies that have more experience. Since once the purchase is formalized TaoBao becomes less responsible for what can happen.

Do you have any doubts about the terms and conditions? Although they are in Chinese it is also important to have a look before deciding to buy.

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