ship big Taobao package to Australia



The cheapest way to ship big Taobao package to Australia is by sea freight. But first, you have to use a freight forwarder in other to get your package safe to your door step in Australia. The core business of a freight forwarder is to move a shipper’s consignment to the consignee within the stipulated time, in perfect order and at the most competitive price. Many freight forwarders also provide more value-added services such as warehousing, distribution, total logistics and chain management solutions.

The following tips should guide you in choosing a freight forwarder when ship big Taobao package to Australia:

Make sure the freight forwarder has experience: years of experience means your freight forwarder has dealt with different situations like port shutdowns and dock worker strikes, needs for rerouting cargo, smoothing out customs and warehousing issues. It might be relatively easy to start a freight forwarding company, but the international shipping industry is not the easiest business sector in the world.

Make sure the freight forwarder offers the services you need: a freight forwarder should be able to do more than just the air freight services and sea freight services part of your export or import. They should be able to handle the truck portion of your international shipping big Taobao package to Australia.

Make sure the freight forwarder has good customer service: how fast does the freight forwarder get backs to you on your freight rate request and question? Are they able and willing to walk you through what you need to do and know to make sure all goes well with your import and export?

Make sure the freight forwarder has good references: this is important when you are choosing a freight forwarder. If there is no one willing to say the freight forwarder did a great job taking care of their imports and export, that’s a big red flag.

Sea freight have advantages of low price and a huge shipping network, every day there are many freighters sailed from China seaports, carrying all kinds of goods to all places in the world including Australia. Sea freight carriers have their ocean route and liners, they ship Taobao package to ports and then transport them to the right yard by inland shipping modes. Sea freight shipping from China is perceived as a major hassle when importing product to Australia. I can state confidently that sea freight and shipping is not what should keep you up at night. Sea freight is not excluding buyers from importing small volume from China to Australia. But when you want to ship a big item to Australia, then the FCL (Full Container Load) shipping is the right choice. FCL is also the most cost effective freight method available if counted by coast per volumetric unit and weight unit. In case you decide to import full container loads you have different container volume options:

The contain volume is another way to save quite a lot of money when using the sea freight. That is you place orders based on the units that fit in a specific container size rather than a predetermined quantity, this way you can avoid the situation whereby you pay for space

However, keep in mind that shipping by sea is slower and more unpredictable than air freight. As such, when you are importing Taobao packages shipping from China to Australia by sea you must do a lot of planning.

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