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shipping from China to Singapore Taobao

When we think of China, it comes to mind all kinds of imitation products, sold massively and are very cheap.If you are from Singapore and you were worried about not being able to receive your packages directly from Taobao.

From Singapore, it is now possible to make sea or air shipments with both Taobao and other shipping companies or purchasing agents.One of the options is the International Parcel Forwarders who work in Taobao, which act as a shipping company but not all goods can be shipped and they have certain restrictions internationally, packages cannot weigh more than 30 kg and cannot be very large.

Shipping Taobao purchases from China to Singapore with independent delivery gives us the possibility to send packages of the size that we want, with the same restrictions on the type of products but with more variety of prices.

Usually, each company has its warehouse, as Taobao as its own, or in some cases, companies collect the product from the Taobao warehouse and then they take care of shipping the package to your house, or the shipping address you wrote, it is shipping from China to Singapore services

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