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Taobao agent cheap shipping

There is so much competition in this industry that companies are lowering their rates more and more, commissions generally are from 5% to 10% maximum.

However, cheaper companies can be both unreliable, so we must review the services they offer. If you are looking for the Taobao agent cheap shipping services to your door, is recommendable to accept services that charge a unitary ratification without taking into account the volumetric weight of your package, or those agents who charge a monthly fee that allows you to order everything you want.

Very few Taobao agent cheap shipping for you,, but it all depends on the place you live in. If you are in China, and you are looking for Taobao agent cheap shipping services, using agents is not such a good idea, Taobao direct shipping will be the cheapest option for you, but if we talk about international shipments, it will be more advisable to use an agent that besides helping you with the purchase, allow you to make international payments with your Visa, Master Card or PayPal they will choose sea freight services, air cargo services for your Taobao packages.

At the same time, these companies offer to ship almost anything, perfumes, toxic liquids, powders, makeup and more, an advantage you don’t have by sending things with direct shipping from Taobao.And not to mention the speed, security and customer service, all agents, even the cheap ones have a great platform already structured to meet your needs.

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