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Taobao Shipping To Singapore

Taobao is owned by the E-commerce shopping giant Alibaba group. The website has a similar interface like popular e-commerce websites such as EBay, Amazon and others. Taobao uses consumer to consumer (C2C) approach by providing opportunities to small businesses and sole traders to start their online ventures using this platform. Taobao is mostly used in China and Honk Kong. However, Taobao has a decent amount of customers from across the globe and according to the it is in the world’s Top 20th most visited website.

Taobao is a huge market place, where millions of products are listed. As far as the shipping is concerned, Taobao products are easily shipped inside the Chinese territory. However, those buyers who live outside China are required to use third party platforms for the shipping purpose. Therefore, the buyers who are living in Singapore are required to contact Taobao agent is who will guide them about the international shipping and payment terms.

Mostly people in Singapore order small accessories such as clothes, household products etc. Therefore, the recommended methods by Taobao are use Goodhope . If you are residing in Singapore and you opt for the Taobao Global Direct shipping, then you just have to pay for the parcel fee once without any additional charges and it will be automatically shipped to the warehouse first and then it will be delivered at your door step. This shipping method is fast and reliable; while the other option is the Global consolidate shipping which is economical shipping from China to Singapore. If you have more orders than one, then this shipping method is the best as it will consolidate all the orders in one which is economical.

Taobao is one of the biggest online marketplaces, where people of Singapore can buy their favourite accessories with flexible, reliable and economical Taobao Shipping To Singapore plans.

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