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TNT Express - China Regional Cooperation Forwarder

The initial stage of TNT Express's development in China is to develop China's domestic express delivery and China's domestic road transport. At the beginning, it cooperated with China's logistics company - "Tiandi Huayu". After more than ten years of development, TNT found that this cooperation was wrong, and its competition in China is not as good as China's domestic express delivery companies such as SF Express, Shentong Express, Yuantong Express, etc.

The road transport business developed by TNT Express in China is also a short-lived one and has not been able to develop. Probably because management can't keep up, it may be because TNT thinks that the successful experience of road transport in Europe can be copied to China, the operation is wrong, and it is not suitable for China.

The failure of TNT's cooperation with Tiandi Huayu in China has not stopped TNT's determination to develop in China. China's logistics market has become the largest cake in the world. In the past year, TNT has started to develop new business with China Post, China's largest logistics company. The most successful and now the most mature business is - Medium Speed TNT International Express.

Medium Speed TNT International Express is mainly relying on China Post's strong logistics network throughout the country and TNT's strong customs clearance capabilities in Europe with TNT's strong European road transport! The Medium Speed TNT International Express has been developing rapidly since its launch in the market. Not only is the TNT freight low, but the transit time will not be slow than DHL Express, UPS Express and FEDEX Express.

TNT Express Tracking and Enquiry

There are two ways to track and query TNT:

 First, enter the TNT delivery number or TNT Express customer reference number through the official TNT website:

 The second is TNT Express Customer Service, contact by email or call TNT China Customer Service. Track or check your TNT shipments. You can ask them if they have any questions about your express.

TNT International Express Customer Service

TNT International Express Customer Service Toll-Free Number: 800 820 9868

TNT International Express Price

TNT Express International Business is a service we provide to our customers. There are many channels of TNT Express, and the price are different for different channels. Such as:

Hong Kong TNT Economic Price

Hong Kong TNT European Preferential Price for Bulk Goods

China TNT Forwarder Amazon Warehouse Price of European Bulk Goods

China TNT Agent Economic Price

TNT International Express Import Price to Hong Kong

TNT Express Fuel Surcharge in China

TNT International Express Fuel Surcharge

TNT Express China News and Latest Regulations