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Door to door Distribution services from China

After an order is been placed on online stores like (Gear Best, Alibaba, Aliexpress) the items ordered are packaged by the supplier, – the distribution service (distributor) goes to the supplier, picks up the package and transport it to the distribution warehouse – the package is then stored in the distribution warehouse for some time before it is finally delivered through door to door distribution services to the consumers for consumption.

After you purchase your item online, the next compulsory step to take is choosing a distribution service that will deliver your package to your doorstep. Distribution can simply be defined as the process of making a product available for the consumer – Therefore, distribution services allow consumers from different parts of the world to get their package from China easily and quickly. A distribution warehouse (to be precise, I’m talking about the origin distribution warehouse not destination warehouse) is also part of the order delivery process (but as the consumer, you do not need to worry yourself about the warehouse procedures). There are lots of operations involved in transferring items from a supplier to the distribution warehouse – For Example; if you order an item on Alibaba or any other Chinese store, you outsource for a reliable distribution service to help you pick up your item from the supplier on Alibaba and deliver the package to a warehouse. This distribution service would secure your package for you in the warehouse for few days or months before delivering.

Normally, your Supplier and distributor are expected to keep in touch – to enable your supplier notify your distributor on time when your item is ready. When the package gets to the warehouse, the best practices are used by the warehouse to ensure speed, accuracy and to reduce labor. Every distribution warehouse makes use of different practices in receiving and storing packages and each of them store different set of products separately.

You have lots of delivery options to choose from when you need to ship from China to your door step. Firstly, you have to decide if you’ll like your package shipped by post, air, sea or courier services. You can make use of courier services offered by best courier companies – Courier service companies like DHL, FedEx, TNT and UPS are very reliable for door to door distribution services. With courier service, you get your package delivered very quickly, and all you have to do is to sign for the package when it arrives.

Door to door distribution services you can also make use of normal posts like (China Post and Hongkong Post) – using any of these two will be easier since you are shipping directly from China especially when items to be delivered are purchased on Aliexpress. China Post and Hongkong will take longer delivery time than DHL or FedEx.

Shipping from China is not a difficult procedure as long as you follow the right steps, legally import your package and make use of trustworthy distribution services – The courier or post distribution service you decide to use will handle everything and deliver your item to you.

And make sure you don’t purchase items which are restricted for import into your country.

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