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Door To Door Sea Freight Services From China

The door to door delivery is a common practice among sea freighters in the freighting business world. Door to Door sea freight is a convenient shipment method to get shipments delivered to our clients wherever they are.

We at Goodhopee Freight take door to door delivery seriously. From the container loading to the delivery to the agreed port, we are completely in charge of the situation. We will also keep you in the loop as we move from one port to the other delivering your shipments.

At Goodhopee Freight, we provide door to door sea freight service to you, whether you have an FCL - full container shipping or an LCL agreement with us.

FCL Door To Door Sea Freight

If you are a wealthy operator and have enough goods that can fill a whole container, you can book an FCL (Full Container Load) with us so that we can provide a container that will distribute your full load of goods to your numerous customers from door to door. This is to facilitate distribution for you without leaving the comfort of your office.

Even if you don’t have enough goods to fill a container but still want a container assigned to the distribution of your shipment, we will book one for you and help you distribute your goods to your numerous customers promptly.

LCL Door To Door Sea Freight

This is another shipment service we render to our growing list of clients. In the LCL or Less than Container Load, we accept to handle your shipment although you don’t have a full container load of goods. We will combine your shipment with that of other clients to have a full load. No matter the volume of your shipment in the LCL transaction, we will take the time to sort your goods and deliver it according to your instructions so as to give your clients their orders without delay.

Regardless of the shipment type you want to deliver to your clients, we promise you swift and prompt door to door sea freight delivery without losing your goods along the way. Our schedules are flexible enough to cater to your needs and meet the most difficulty shipping requirements.

To make your delivery easy and fast, we do offer some other services as a part of our dedication to excellent freight service. We will help you with customs clear services.

It is our responsibility to get your shipment to the desired destination. That involves dealing with the customs to ensure fast clearing of your goods for loading and delivery. With our years of experience in the field, rest assured that this angle will be properly handled.

Whether your shipment has the DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) shipment tag, in which case you assume all the financial costs and liability of shipping the goods to the country before the delivery to your client or the DDU (Delivered Duty Unpaid) where the transportation cost will be paid for by your customer, we can professionally handle this part of the business to your satisfaction.

For years, we have handled prompt door to door delivery and custom services for our numerous clients by leveraging our good relationships with the customs due to our long year of an honest and transparent transaction with them.

It is imperative, therefore, that you contact us for your next door to door sea freight services. Our reputation and experience will ensure that we will deliver your goods to your customers from one port to another in accordance with your instructions.