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UPS Freight courier Services

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China UPS Freight

UPS (United Parcel Service Corporation), founded in 1907 in America, is the largest express carrier and parcel delivery company in the world. UPS, at the same time, is also a leading supplier of professional transportation, logistics, capital and electronic commerce. UPS is in charge of logistics, capital and information flows of more than 200 countries and areas in the world every day. New filed of supply chain management, logistics and E-commerce is constantly developed by UPS through combination with logistics, fund and information flows. So far, UPS freight has become a large scale company who owns $30 billion.

International courier inquiry send from China to all over the world. As one of five biggest express company in the world, they don't have enough office in China, only a few offices. Inquiry are lots of, so UPS use some UPS courier agent to collect shipment for them in China, this way save a lot of picking up charges, the business become bigger and bigger. Goodhope freight company is one of HK-UPS courier agent in China. We provide low China UPS Freight courier price, pick up services,ready documents, etc services to more and more who buys from China.

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