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How to get cheap international courier services?

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There are main international courier services: China DHL couier, China FedEx courier, China UPS courierChina TNT courierChina EMS courier. Beside these 5 international courier companies, all other intermational courier companies are small companies. 99% internatinal courier shipments beed shipped out from China to the world thought these company.

When you import from China, Some supplers quote you are FOB China, Some Chinese suppliers quote you are EXW China. FOB China suppliers send cargo to your freight fowarder’s warehouse, and than you fowarder will send out this cargo to you. CIF China this way, suppliers will ask China DHL freight forwader for China DHL rates, or other international rates and quote you international courier’s cost.

Did you have been thought about getting cheap international courier rates?

EXW China it is mean use your freight forwarder or yourself DHL account, FedEx account... And DHL FedEx... price which you discount with DHL FedEx... Company. Maybe you will think about that the courier price which you get from DHL FEDEX...is lower than China DHL agent, China FedEx agent.... But actually you only have contracted with only one international courier company -DHL, FEDEX UPS, TNT.... You don’t know which courier price is lower.

Whether FOB, EXW, CIF China, actually the international courier cost be payed by you. How to choose cheap international courier services? The best way is to choose a good international courier’s agent whom local in China. Goodhope Freight is one of the best DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT, EMS couriers agent in China.

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