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China FedEx Freight

FedEx freight supplies a series of full services covering shipping, electronic commerce and business operation for clients and enterprises, is a member of The U.S FedEx Corp. FedEx Express Group presents a set of comprehensive business solution plans through interactive competition and coordinated management which contributes to annual revenue of $32 billion. In 2012, it ranked 263 on the Fortune 500, while in 2013, it ranked 245.

Goodhope company have a long-term cooperation relationship with HK-FedEx. Everyday, and there are about 10 tons international express parcels transported from Goodhope Freight Shenzhen warehouse to Hongkong Using Fedex express services delivery to all over the world. All these international express parcels are from different cities in China, such as Shanghai, Beijin, Chongqi, Wulumuqi, Jiangsu etc.

Why so many people use FedEx services via Goodhope? Are they crazy?!

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FedEx Freight for Fedex Economy international Rates To Europe

FedEx Economy international Rates September 2024 update, good price from Shenzhen warehouse to twelve European countries: Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, Switzerland, Italy, France, Germany, Britain, Austria, Ireland; Three countries in Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech, Hungary. Below are the FedEx-IE services, transport time take 5~8 days. Use before 15-09-2019.

FedEx IE Rates To The Europe SEP 2024
Destination / Weight 25-44KG 45-70KG 71-101KG 102-299KG 300-499KG 500-999KG 1000KG +
Denmark, Spain, Belgium, Luxemburg,
Holland, Switzerland, Italy, France,
Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Ireland
32.7 31.3 29.5 28.3 28.1 27.5 27.2
Poland, Czech, Hungary below 100KG doesn't have services 29.2 28.9 28.3 28.2